Eun Ju Han
ūüíꬆ Graphic Designer - ¬†strong focus in, but not limited to UX/UI, Branding, Packaging ¬†

student showcase 


In-Airport Digital Experience

Noodle Road

Fight Hunger

Do Ho Suh
event poster

Whyte Ink Trap
type specimen


Art Director
Art Team Lead
Social Media Team
Environmental Team
Production Team

All designers come from a multitude of unique backgrounds as shone through our work. Our personal connections with music, culture, dreams, and the sights and sounds around us all converge within our designs. Each and every one of us has
a distinguishable voice. But what distinguishes us from one another is, in turn, what makes us so attuned.

The culmination of our academic careers at CSULB merely marks a waypoint on the expansive road ahead. The future
beckons, and as designers we continue to venture into unexplored realms, anticipating the boundless possibilities that await
our creative endeavors.

This is a look into our journey together with hope for what's to come.

This is our Navigation.

Art Director
Poster Design
Design System

The poster design was based on the Manifesto. Throughout our journey, we have experienced both good and bad times, and all these moments have led us to where we stand today and will continue to guide us to our next destination. To capture this sentiment, we opted for a navigation concept inspired by old maps and sailing, rather than the modern navigation of smartphone apps.
We used a combination of script and sans-serif fonts to evoke a vintage feel while ensuring clear information delivery. The script font adds a touch of elegance and nostalgia, reminiscent of old maps and handwritten notes, while the sans-serif font provides a modern contrast that enhances readability. The script fonts were strategically selected to create depth and visually represent pathways, guiding the viewer through the design.

Designed with Kasia Herh



Art Team Lead Zine (team project)

The zine design is based on the theme "Past-Present-Future." Each team member was assigned one phase of this theme and given the freedom to design it in their own style. This approach allows for a diverse range of interpretations and creative expressions within the unified concept.
My assigned phase was 'Past'. In this phase, I expressed through typography the fear of not yet knowing my future self well and the uncertainty of the path ahead. However, I portrayed the belief in oneself and moving forward. This design symbolizes courage in preparing for the future based on past experiences and current capabilities.

Designed Zine with Kasia Herh, Jelean Elea Barrientos, Vicky Chen, Quyen Nguyen, Kim Vo

Participated pages: phase_Past


Environmental Team
Scale model (1:20) made of foam-core board
Plan and set-up the exhibition

Downscaled the gallery floor plan to a 1/20 scale and created a mockup using foam-core board and planned individual booth sizes to ensure adequate space for everyone.

Led by Kimberly Martinez

Teamed with Emily Deras Duran, Kasia Herth

Social Media Team
Navigation showcase promotional carousel + story

Used the template designed by the team lead for the promotional carousel and created a 'Giveaway' story to increase engagement.

Led by Vicky Chen