Eun Ju Han
💫  Graphic Designer -  strong focus in, but not limited to UX/UI, Branding, Packaging  

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In-Airport Digital Experience

Noodle Road

Fight Hunger

Do Ho Suh
event poster

Whyte Ink Trap
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Do Ho Suh
Event Poster
Do Ho Suh is a Korean artist renowned for his unique approach to reimagining architectural structures and objects through the use of translucent fabric,
a technique he describes as an "act of memorialization." Throughout his life between Korea, New York, and London, Suh challenged the conventional notion
of home as a static entity by creating artworks that embody the concept of mobility and change. His houses are not fixed in one place; they shift and adapt, following him wherever he goes. The intention behind his use of transparent fabric is to evoke a sense of delicacy and fluidity reminiscent of memories. Through his art, Suh invites viewers to experience moments from his memories as if peering through a transparent veil into the past. The poster for his solo exhibition was created based on his artworks.

The exploration of six diverse typography methodologies—expository, biomorphic, representational, sympathetic, ambiguous, and antithetical—takes center stage. Each methodology offers a unique approach to typographic expression and pushes the boundaries of typographic design, creating hybrid compositions that challenge conventional notions of typography.

Non interpretive, objective, functional. Create type compositions using
a grid.
A nonrepresentational form (abstract) or pattern that communicates the idea.
RepresentationalOf or relating to representation, especially to realistic graphic representation. Illustrative.

Of, expressing, feeling, agreeably suited to, in concord with meaning.
Ambiguous Open to more than one interpretation, (it “seems to mean”)
AntitheticalDirect contrast; opposition. The exact opposite.
Hybrid A
Biomorphic + Ambiguous
Hybrid B Sympathetic + Antithetical
Super Hybrid Hybrid A + Hybrid B

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